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Rafael Azizov is a businessperson who founded and developed online insurance in Azerbaijan. Internet insurance product is the absolute leader in Azerbaijan online insurance market.



Rafael Azizov is a serial entrepreneur who created such projects as,,,,, COOL Agency, Head & Partners management consulting company, founder of Raphael Group. He is a judge and the investor of the most popular business reality show in Azerbaijan Idea Wins.

Born in the small town of Nakhchivan in Azerbaijan on May 22, 1979.


  • Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

    Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

  • Baku State University

    Master of Laws (LLM), Criminal Law

  • Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences

    Bachelor of Laws (LLB), Law

Professional Experience


Raphael Group

November 2013 - Present

In 2013, he founded the company to form a team of intellectually developed people who would work in an atmosphere of mutual support who could create revolutionary projects. He created an internet holding with a primary focus on innovative technologies -
His role in the company is to determine the company's core course, focus and operational management of business processes. Since 2013, the company has created many successful Internet projects and has become one of the largest internet companies in Azerbaijan. The company has in portfolio the following projects: (, (, (, (, (, COOL Agency ( and a new global Media Intelligence project (

Management consulting company | Partner, Founder

Head & Partners

April 2008 - Present

He created a management consulting company because he saw the need for this service during the financial crisis in Azerbaijan. In a short period, the company attracted several large customers from the insurance sector, healthcare, and retail. His main role in the company is to provide consulting services to the clients with the goal of creating a business building strategy including effective business processes, increase in profitability and to ensure their longevity as a viable and successful company.

Investor & Judge at Ideya Wins TV Project (Reality Competition Series)

December 2013 - Present

As a member of the “Ideya Qazandi” (Shark Tank) investment team, he evaluated presentations from aspiring entrepreneurs – critically examining their concepts, business models, product ideas, and commitment to innovation. This has been a great vehicle to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit across Azerbaijan. In the first season, he had the opportunity to evaluate 60 proposals covering a wide range of ideas and opportunities.

Deputy Chairman of the Management Board

Buta Insurance

Jul 2012 - April 2014

Creating Buta Insurance as a new insurance brand was quite challenging. He needed to create a big business from scratch. This involved: building a team, building all business processes, and creating a strong insurance brand, which could be trusted. He, as a deputy chairman of the board, was responsible for the creation and development of the company and the company's entry into the top tier of the market leaders. Their efforts proved to be successful as they moved into the top tier of the Azerbaijani insurance market. In 2014, He made the decision to create his own brand and left the company. In 2016 the company was merged with Gunay Insurance.

Deputy Chairman of the Management Board

Garant Holding

November 2011 - April 2012

Member of the Board, Chief Business Development Officer He was responsible for the business development of all the companies of Garant Holding, which included the financial sector, construction companies, transport companies and the hotel business.

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Andrew Lloyd Insurance Broker (Moscow, Russia)

September 2010 - October 2011

His main responsibility was to enter the Russian insurance market, which was successfully done.

Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, Chief Sales Officer

Qarant Insurance

July 2009 - October 2011

As deputy chairman, he was responsible for the company's growth strategy and increasing the company's profit by developing new sales channels and entering new markets. At the same time, he continued to be responsible for business development and marketing. One of his team’s major successes during this period was the company’s entrance into the insurance market of Russia creating Andrew Lloyd Insurance Brokerage Company.

Head of Legal & Business Development Department, Quality Manager

Qarant Insurance

September 2008 - July 2009

His main responsibilities were managing the following areas: business development, marketing strategy, quality management and legal issues. As a result of his activity in late 2008, the company was awarded the Ugur National Award for a successful marketing strategy.


Qarant Insurance

January 2008 - September 2008

Being a corporate lawyer, he was responsible for the company’s compliance with the insurance laws and regulations of the Republic of Azerbaijan. He also represented the interests of the company in Azerbaijan’s courts and state organizations.

Operational Department Specialist

Palmali Shipping (Istanbul, Turkey)

June 2007 - December 2007

His main duty was to ensure the efficiency and thus the profitability of the company’s fleet of cargo ships.

Leading Advisor, Department of International Relations and Cooperation with NGO

Ministry of Communications and High Technologies of Azerbaijan Republic

March 2007 - June 2007

He worked with international organizations in the field of information technology and participated in the implementation of joint projects. He also worked on e-government project.

Senior Inspector

State Customs Committee of Azerbaijan Republic

July 1999 - October 2006

His main responsibility was to ensure the efficient operation of the Azerbaijan customs unit in one of the customs departments at the International Airport of Baku city.

Membership in associations

Rafael Azizov is an active member of Legal Committee of the Azerbaijan Insurers Association since July 2012. He is the main expert of the Association in the creation of legislative basis in the sphere of application of new technologies in the insurance market of the Republic of Azerbaijan.
The main criteria for admission to the Azerbaijan Insurers Association are deep knowledge and experience in the sphere of business development in the insurance market, in development of insurance conditions, insurance legislation and in the application of new technologies in the insurance market of the Republic of Azerbaijan. The decision to admit to membership of the association refers to the powers of the Supervisory Board of the Association.

Rafael Azizov also is an active member of Information & Communication Technologies Committee of the National Confederation of Entrepreneurs (Employers') Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan since April 12, 2016. The National Confederation of Entrepreneurs (Employers') Organizations of the Republic of Azerbaijan (hereinafter the “Association”), being the active member of United Nations Global Compact, unites about 5000 business persons and experts from over 16 countries. In accordance with the paragraph 4 of the Bylaws of the Association, the membership in the Association may be awarded only to a person, who has outstanding achievements in business and recognized expert in his field, that is determined by the Board of Trustees the Association. Members of the ICT Commission of the Association can only be people who have made a significant contribution to the development in the field of high technology. The Board of Trustees is composed of the nationally and internationally recognized experts and investors, supporting the Association financially.

Participation in exhibitions

In December 2013, Rafael Azizov’s Internet projects were presented at the most respected exhibition of the Caspian Region – BakuTel 2013.

Business projects

Rafael Azizov is the founder of many successful business projects both in the field of online insurance, marketplaces, e-commerce, new media, management consulting, and projects for the development of entrepreneurship among youth.

Raphael Group

Raphael Group is an Internet holding with a primary focus on e-commerce, fin-tech, Data Mining and new media.
Mission of the company is to build projects that make people's lives easier. Raphael Group was founded as Internet Holding in 2013. In December 2015, the company was renamed Raphael Group. is online platform for travel insurance and compulsory third party liability insurance for car owners. You can now get an insurance certificate without leaving your home or office. Save time, get insured at any time and anywhere.

When using, you choose the type of insurance and get the same insurance coverage by making an online payment via the credit card. helps to buy or sell a car. This is not just a site where everyone can find or place an advertisement (although, of course, everyone can). The task of is to protect a person from the trouble of buying and selling a car.

We want the car market to become safer and more comfortable for the average person., to which we aspire, is a place where you can come without much experience and be sure that you will buy the desired car in good condition or sell yours at a good price. is a website for active people of the city, for young people whose interests are as multifaceted as FRIDAY. For those who are not fixated only on night parties, but are interested in culture. Who do not attend only social events, who can be met at a global event and a big festival. FRIDAY users lead an active lifestyle, have a wide range of communication, know and understand what they want from today. They do not just follow the brightest events of the city, they set the pace and movement of the metropolitan life. is an Online Shopping Center of Azerbaijan. We are the website that everybody needs: both sellers and buyers. Website where shops are placing theirs products for sale, and buyers using the search system can filter and find the desired products. Products are sold by the stores, not by us. We help the Buyers to make a choice and select the product.

URBAN is a stethoscope that allows you to feel the depth of the city's pulse. It is a metronome of urban rhythm. URBAN is an information portal, which acquaints you with the latest, most vivid, the most recent and interesting events of our city.

We do not just find something new and interesting. We are the source of inspiration and events. We generate and create information. And as Winston Churchill, Earl of Marlborough said, who owns the information, he owns the world. specializes in developing a global platform for collecting and analyzing Big Data, which is necessary for creating unique tools for small, medium and global enterprises. is created to provide instant information about any mentions on the Internet, be it on news or any other platforms such as blogs, forums or social media. With the help of the service, you can monitor and analyze in real time everything being written about you, your company or your brand. You can measure effectiveness of your PR campaign and based on this indicators develop the most effective PR strategy. You have the opportunity to see mentions about you both in publications and comments, including in social media. The product can also give you ability to monitor in real time everything that is being written about your competitors and analyze their activity.

The ability to monitor and analyze the necessary information on key words, sources, countries and languages ​​ provides great opportunities for companies to enter new foreign markets and scale their business.

COOL Agency

COOL is a digital agency that reaches, connects and builds effective relationship with your customers on the Internet.

COOL Agency is a digital agency specializing exclusively in analysis and work in social media and mobile messengers. The main areas of the company are individual strategy, promotion, creativity, reputation, viruses, monitoring and technology.

The company is a member of SMAK. SMAK is the only worldwide network of locally leading independent social media agencies. Its arm is to provide world-class level social media services to international brands, with the same quality in each country.

Head & Partners

Head & Partners is a management consulting company. The main directions of the company's activity are consulting in the sphere of strategy, digital, business processes, product development, development of sales channels, human capital. The company was founded in 2008 with a headquarter in Baku, Azerbaijan.

Ideya Qazandi Project (Reality Competition Series)

As a judge and the investor of the most popular business reality show in Azerbaijan Idea Qazandi, Rafael Azizov was a member of judicial panel, which examined the achievements of young entrepreneurs across the nation.

As a member of the Ideya Qazandi (Shark Tank) investment team, he evaluated presentations from aspiring entrepreneurs – critically examining their concepts, business models, product ideas, and commitment to innovation. This has been a great vehicle to encourage the entrepreneurial spirit across Azerbaijan. In the first season, Rafael had the opportunity to evaluate 60 proposals covering a wide range of ideas and opportunities.


For project, Rafael Azizov was awarded with internationally famous Luxury Lifestyle Awards prize as the best fin-tech project creator.

Luxury Lifestyle Awards is an international Award granted to the companies in luxury segment for their initiatives and outstanding achievements. Companies and brands of luxury class participate in the contest in different categories.

Dubai / May 26, 2016

Luxury lifestyle Awards 2015

Rafael Azizov also was honored with the Ideya Qazandi Award of Excellence for the great contribution to the development of entrepreneurship among young people and for highly qualified expert coaching.

Baku / December 22, 2014

Ideya Qazandi Award of Excellence